Organic food, simply put, is simply food—with no chemicals and no additives except the sun and soil that grew it.


Following traditional farming practices, organic farmers don’t put synthetic pesticides and fertilizers in the ground, so that you don’t have to put them in your mouth. We believe that choosing to eat organic means supporting a healthy lifestyle, a sustainable farming culture, and the long-term availability of diverse, delicious, flavourful food.

At Aux Vivres, we have been steadily increasing our use of organic produce and grains; we strive to balance including organic ingredients with supporting local farms, in order to minimize our carbon footprint. Therefore, we occasionally choose local produce over organic produce that has to be shipped from thousands of miles away (for instance, carrots raised by a local Québec farmer instead of organic carrots from California). As part of our commitment to serving food with purpose, we aim to offer a menu of choices that are healthier, tastier, and more eco-friendly than conventionally farmed or imported food.

We follow these core principles with every dish we serve. Food with purpose: It’s our purpose, and our promise to you.

Our goal at Aux Vivres is to offer our customers food with purpose, which we define as food grown and obtained in a way that respects the well-being of farmers, the environment, and you.


Offering locally grown food, which helps enable a sustainable local food economy, and a viable living for Québec farmers.

Including organic proteins like tofu and tempeh and super grains like organic rice and quinoa as the foundation for our “bowls” menu.

Never using genetically modified ingredients or artificial preservatives.