We believe in our food. We want to prove to vegans and non-vegans alike that eating healthy can be its own reward when the food tastes so good. We use only the freshest ingredients, giving priority to local and seasonal produce, to create surprising flavour combinations and unusual dishes that you won't find anywhere else.


At Aux Vivres, we draw real energy and inspiration from our team of talented, creative and friendly young Montréalers. Our employees, hailing from Quebec and abroad, are dedicated to making and serving high quality, creative meals in a warm, vibrant atmosphere.

Aux Vivres has grown since its humble beginnings, from a cozy little hole in the wall into a bustling, full-size restaurant on Montreal's Main. Marie-Pierre Michaud opened the first location on a sleepy Saint-Dominique street in 1997 to bring her concept of vegan nutrition to Montreal diners. Small and cozy, with fresh menu selections updated daily, Aux Vivres was an instant hit with neighbourhood locals.

Not long after opening, Michaud hired Michael Makhan as a cook in her kitchen. He fell in love with the restaurant and quickly proved to be the top chef at Aux Vivres . In 2001, he became a co-owner and by 2003 went on to assume full ownership of the restaurant. Michael's brother Liam joined the team during Aux Vivres's major expansion in 2005. While he initially came on as a designer and builder, he rapidly took on a more central management role. Liam's uncommon business sense and forward thinking have pushed Aux Vivres to become the leading vegan restaurant that Montrealers know today. Aux Vivres has undoubtedly prospered under his direction.

Fast forward 10 years later, the Makhan brothers' entrepreneurial spirit continues to flourish. They have recently opened a new tempeh making factory called "Noblebean" that produces Organic Tempeh, and ships this unique super food nation wide. (noblebean.com)

The brothers are still passionate as ever about the future of Aux Vivres and will continue expanding their restaurant and branching into new concepts.

Our sincerest thanks go to Charles Garant, Shawn Arseneau, Todd Bateman and Terra-May Cote whom are at the heart of our talented management and continue to make Aux Vivres the best vegan restaurant in Quebec.